The Advisory Committee Members have been selected for their professional responsibilities, knowledge, experience and high standard of concern, compassion and commitment to healing processes for families impacted by a homicide. The BC Victims of Homicide Advisory Committee meets at least twice a year, via teleconference or in person, and more often if deemed necessary; the Committee reports to the BCBH Board of Directors as often as necessary but at least annually.
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John Dube Represents Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC. He is a registered social worker with an M.Ed. He began his work in the area of suicide and bereavement in 1985 responding to family and community needs to a suicide or traumatic death. John’s areas of interest are working with clients who are struggling to incorporate a health diagnosis, bereavement due to a suicide, traumatic death or homicide and working with men. Over the past 20 years, he has conducted numerous workshops and trainings to professionals on bereavement, professional self-care, communication and program evaluation and outcomes. He has been involved with the BC Bereavement Helpline for many years and is pleased to sit on the Advisory Committee for the BC Victims of Homicide. He also assisted with program guidelines and clinical supervision in all phases of the BCVOH initiative, and will continue to do so.

Marlyn Ferguson Arborcare Coordinator at Valley View Funeral Home in Surrey BC. She has been working with the bereaved for 20 years. She has concentrated on facilitating bereavement support groups for Suicide and Homicide survivors in Surrey and Abbotsford. She is also a co-facilitator of the newly formed BC Victims of Homicide group and is a member of the Advisory committee for BCVOH. Marlyn was the first recipient of the Victim/Survivor “Light of Hope” awarded by Police Victim Services of British Columbia (PVSBC) in 2010.

Brenda Morrison is Director of the Centre for Restorative Justice and an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University. She is a social psychologist with field experience in outdoor education, government administration and restorative justice. A particular focus of her work relates to the interplay of individuals and communities, and the institutions that serve them, from the perspective of restorative justice and responsive regulation. She has presented papers on restorative justice at UNESCO and the House of Lords. She serves on a number of boards and advisory committees, such as PREVNet and North Shore Restorative Justice.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound has been a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 15 years. She has been posted to various units throughout the Lower Mainland, BC including The University of BC, North Vancouver RCMP, Illegal Gaming Unit, The Missing Women’s Task Force, Richmond RCMP Spokesperson, where she was promoted to the rank of Corporal, and now is currently the Spokesperson for the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team where she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.


Carol White has worked in the non-profit social service field for over 30 years. She has worked as a service provider, community developer and as the executive director for two charities. She is the past president of the BC Borstal Association and the founder of L’Ecole Bilingue Kindercare Society. Carol served 10 years on the Citizen’s Adversary Committee for Vancouver District Parole. Her educational background includes psychology, public administration and restorative justice. Having worked with some of the families of Vancouver’s missing women; Carol hopes to be able to be of service to the community through Victims of Homicide and is honoured to be on their team.